28 Jul 2017

Dubai Mall, 10 suggestions of where to eat and drink there from Appetti

Dubai Mall, we suggest 10 places for you to enjoy some sustenance

Dubai Mall is an enormous shopping centre with numerous entertainment and recreational facilities, apparently the largest in the world. Also it is actually the largest shopping mall in the world by total area and over 54 million people are visiting it each year. The 1200 Dubai Mall shops are also home to international brands and local names gaining exceptional popularity. One of the biggest attractions in the shopping centre is the underwater aquarium and zoo, as well as the 22-screen Reel Cinema. So when it comes to food and drinks, Dubai Mall restaurants and cafes will leave you spoilt for choice. Because Dubai Mall is a complete entertainment centre from Dubai Mall Cinema, Dubai Mall shops, restaurants and also with all the other exceptional attractions. Here is our selection of 10 places to eat in.

  1. Al Hallab
  2. Armani Dubai Caffe
  3. Burj Al Hamam
  4. Carluccio’s
  5. FatBurger
  6. Manga Sushi
  7. PappaRoti
  8. Ribs and Rumps: This venue has closed now please see below.
  9. Taqado Mexican Kitchen
  10. Granny’s Waffles


Al Hallab

Al Hallab restaurant will bring the authentic taste of Lebanese cuisine to your plate. The recipes are also a beautiful fusion of traditional tribal food apparently dating back to the 16th century and the Ottoman Empire. The setting in the venue is also extremely classy and exotic at the same time.

Al Hallab image Dubai Mall
Al Hallab Dubai Mall

Al Hallab: 2nd Floor, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE

Armani Dubai Caffe

Perhaps you are looking for a posh place to have your afternoon tea in the Dubai Mall. Apparently the Armani Dubai Caffe is just where you need to go. You can also enjoy the exclusive atmosphere and traditional Italian cuisine dishes. Presented and specially selected by the head chef of the Armani Group in Milan.

Armani Caffe image Dubai Mall
Armani Caffe Dubai Mall

Armani Dubai Caffe: Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE

Burj Al Hamam

It would be a crime to browse through the Dubai Mall restaurants and not stop at Burj Al Hamam. Amazing arab cuisine, spectacular fountain show and also great drinks are awaiting you in this fantastic venue.

Burj Al Hamam: First Floor, Level 090, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE


One more Italian pearl on the directory of the Dubai Mall restaurants is the Carluccio’s. It is a lovely place also with a recently redesigned menu offering more unique flavour fusions, combined with the authentic taste of old Italian recipes.

Carluccio's image Dubai Mall
Carluccio’s Spoil you for choice

Carluccio’s:  Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE


To all you lovers of American foods, the Dubai Mall offers a visit to the FatBurger. Maybe you guessed it, it’s a restaurant where the burger is the star of the menu. Originally started in Los Angeles in 1947 by a lady with a passion, the FatBurger is now a fast food chain in various countries around the world.

Fatburger image Dubai Mall
Hand Crafted Burgers just for you

FatBurger:  Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE

Manga Sushi

The Dubai Mall is also a home to a few Japanese restaurants, one of which is Manga Sushi. Here you can have your favourite sushi dishes, as well as noodles and some hot soups. Also if you are a fan of anime, you would love the decor.

Manga Sushi image Dubai Mall
Manga Sushi Dubai Mall

Manga Sushi: Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE


PappaRoti is a fantastic bakery on the Dubai Mall food scene. Every item on the menu is crafted with exceptional precision to bring satisfaction to all of your senses. Perhaps try a coconut rollie with white coffee cooler and cream?

PappaRoti image ~Dubai Mall
PappaRoti? That’s no way to talk about your father!

Papparoti: Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE


Ribs and Rumps

Ribs and Rumps has closed since we posted this blog and will reopen in September as their newest brand The Grilll Shack

Taqado Mexican Kitchen

The Dubai Mall restaurants take you on a true tour around the world. Our next stop is the Taqado Mexican Kitchen, where customers can dip into the Mexican culture and colorful, extra delicious cuisine. Tacos anyone?

Taqado image Dubai Mall
Taqado for Tacos

Taqado Mexican Kitchen: Second Floor ~Food Court, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE

Granny’s Waffles

To finish our list of great Dubai Mall restaurants in style and sweetness, we take you to the Granny’s Waffles house. Treat yourself to a portion of crispy homemade waffles, covered with Belgian chocolate or perhaps some fresh fruit. Mmm, yummy!

Granny's Waffles image Dubai Mall
Go on keep waffling on!

Granny’s Waffles:  2nd Floor, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, UAE


So the Dubai Mall is truly an international venue and its restaurants make no exception. Wherever you come from, you can still feel at home during your visit to the shopping centre.

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AUTHOR: Appetti